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1. Players take turns to complete each hole. Maximum eight bean bags per turn (the “Mercy Rule”).

2. Hit YARDAGE targets to complete each hole. If you exceed the posted yardage, you must play back to the hole.

3. All holes MUST be completed with a RED target. Center target on green is for 0-10 yards, so even if you hit the yardage exactly, you still need to finish with a RED.

4. The only exceptions to having to finish with a RED target are the par 3 and par 4 holes.

5. If you can hit the exact yardage on a par 3 in one shot, you score a hole in one!

6. If you can hit the exact yardage on a par 4 with two shots, you score a birdie!

7. If you score more than the required yardage, you have gone past the green and must play back to the green.

8. O.B. target, WATER target and BUNKER target result in shorter yardage gained.

9. Hit the WATER target and add a stroke.

10. Hit an O.B. target and add a stroke.

11. When hole is complete, add extra strokes for O.B. or WATER targets for final hole score.

12. Maximum score per hole is 8, plus any added stokes.

13. Lowest score after 9 or 18 holes wins.



Play your favorite course. Just use any course scorecard to play! (You may wish to adjust yardage up or down to 5s and 10s for ease of play).

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