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 1. Each player gets up to three bean bags per turn to try to score. However, you can only score one basket per turn.

2.   Players decide on a total score to reach to win (21 or 31 points makes for a decent game).

3.   When hitting any "& 1!" target, player gets 1 Free Throw ONLY IF the player has at least one bean bag left. No bean bags left = “Sorry, but ref didn't call that foul."

4.   Any hit on the AIR BALL target or IN & OUT target is a dead ball.

5.   Hit the REBOUND target and get one free bean bag.

6.   Hit the BLOCK target and you lose a bean bag if you have any remaining. If you only have one bean bag remaining, your turn is over.

7.   Hit a FOUL target and your opponent gets two Free Throws. Play then reverts back to the player who committed the foul.

8.   Hit a TECH target and your opponent gets one Free Throw AND keeps possession for the next turn.

9.   Hit an OWN BASKET means you just gave your opponent 2 points. You do retain possession for the next turn.

10. The first player to reach the designated point total wins.






How close can you get to the perfect game? You get 10 bean bags to score as many points as you can. If you hit an “& 1” target, you may attempt one Free Throw – Free Throws do not count as one of your 10 bean bags. Free Throws must be taken immediately after the basket is made. Player with the highest 10-shot total, including any Free Throws made, is the winner.


Score 10 x 3&1, with 10 made Free Throws = 40 points = a perfect game!

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