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Do you love our games, but want a better bargain? Can you handle a game with small imperfections? Get a deal on our slightly-used sports-based bean bag toss games.

We have demo boards and other boards with minor imperfections like scratches on the edge, or paint or ink spots. We also have some boards that have a bit of fuzzy printing. The fuzziness is generally limited to one area of the board. It is still legible and does not affect game play.

We offer these Bargain Game Sets at the very low prices of $59.99 to $79.99, depending on the nature of the defect. There are boards with minor or modest defects.

NOTE: ***All demo games are sold "As-Is"; no returns. 

Click either link below to see actual images of all of our Bargain boards, allowing you to select the specific board you would like. Just remember the Board Number Code.

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