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Deep Shot Games presently offers two types of bean bags for our baseball and football games:

"Sitter-type" - This type of bean bag is more likely to 'sit' on the board if a target is not hit. The fill is heavier, but it is not fully packed. A sitting bean bag may impact future play; however, the fact it rarely strays far fro where it was aimed, there is a bit more certainty in shots. All game sets come with sitter-type bean bags.

                                                    Baseball Sitters         Football Sitters

"Roller-type" - This type of bean is more likely to 'roll' down the board if a target is not hit. These bean bags are fuller and rounder, but with a lighter fill. Roller-type bean bags are more likely to either roll into an unintended target, or will roll off the board entirely. Roller-type bean bags can add risk and crate more action. Roller-type bean bags are also more expensive. Roller-type bean bags are available as a separate purchase.

                                                    Baseball Rollers         Football Rollers

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